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With as one of our recently launched solutions we are entering the B2C market for the first time. is a social tool, that lets you link your social media accounts in a single space while also allowing to keep track of the link usage. In its base version it is free of use. With many cool features, our tool lets you create different personal spaces, associate unlimited links and share your link collection with others.

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With a market of 3.96B active social media users we are entering a huge market that is growing rapidly. While directly targets the end user, I am very excited to build a brand that maintains its clear focus while also extending its reach.

Tim Klimasch, Marketing Director - taliox

The Hub Club

Client Solution

Together with the digital hub logistics hamburg (a known co-working and creative space), we have developed a mobile app (available for iOS/Android) focusing on bringing people together, mainly digital but also physically. The app features news, events, a member register, room-booking, a direct chat and other collaborative features. For the future there is more to come - stay tuned!


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Thanks to the Hub Club we`ve departed on the next level of networking within our Hub Community! Use-friendly and simply great!

Johannes Berg, Managing Director - Digital Hub Logistics


taliox Solution

Managing the supply chain poses a challenge for many companies. Due to the increasing product complexity, the industry is confronted with a growing communication effort and is forced to consider new and innovative solutions. This is where QGate comes in handy. While it allows to digitally link the supply chain, its main purpose is to provide information as well as to support the collaboration between original equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

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With the QGate Monitor as one of our solutions, we're trying to revolutionize the way collaboration across the supply chain is done. The projects innovative character opens up for tremendous possibilites - you should definitly check it out!

Tjark Dönni, Managing Director - taliox

Elephant Network

Joint Venture

The Elephant Network is a B2B partner oriented competence-marketplace offering services across a wide range of industries. Together with GAB Global, we launched the Elephant Network in july 2020. Being part of "our" network means you will benefit from our marketing atcivities to reach your target group. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Social Media activities.


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I can only recommend everyone to become a partner! It's a great platform that gains weight and importance with each individual partner. The more people join in, the greater the reach!.

Mark Haacke, Managing Director - Mark Haacke Training & Consulting

Audit Assistant

taliox Solution

Our app models the three general phases of an audit: Planning, Exectuion, Evaluation Providing an intuitiv user interface, the Audit Assistant eases the general workflow helping to keep track of all relevant data throughout the entire process. By having integrated offline functionality as well, the Audit Assistant also allows the user to perform audits without being connected to the internet.

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