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As part of our consulting branch we perform organizational consulting, develop company’s information strategy, conduct feasibility studies or calculate solutions cost. Our services include:

  • Analysing an organisation’s data
  • Determining information system requirements
  • Making soft- and hardware recommendations
  • Defining project objectives, compiling and presenting information
  • And more


Concerning our service of software development, we follow a holistic approach that allows us to deliver solutions that fit customers needs: Whether it is a web or desktop application, app or website.

In early stage, our approach includes an assessment to determine projects maturity. We then set up a strategy that is suitable to the individual circumstances of each customer. This includes choosing the right technologies as well as a fitting development process itself. Technology-wise, our team provides know-how about all well established programming languages as well as new and innovative technologies. On method side, we offer a variety of different ways to organize and realize a project. For further information have a look at our insights section.


Infrastructure services are foundational information technologies that are offered as a service such that they are supported and managed. With our services, we try to spare customers the cost, complexity and risk of managing their own digital infrastructure. Next to a broad spectrum, we particularly offer the following services:

  • IT support
  • Systems and network management
  • (Cloud) hosting
  • Database services
  • VoIP and VoIP migration
  • And more


Our digital portfolio includes a project collaboration platform and an audit assistant.

The QGate-Monitor tool takes over any provision of information that is part of the maturity level assurance in supply chains, so that evaluations, justifications, appointments and much more can be communicated effectively.

The Audit Assistant is a digital assistant for carrying out standardized process as well as system audits. It models the three main phases of an audit: Preparation, Execution, Rating / Report.

To deliver more innovative results we constantly integrate new and upcoming technologies.

About us

taliox is a hamburg based startup founded by four visionary minds of computer science and business informatics. We act in the field of software development, as an IT service provider and deal with innovative and new technologies on a daily basis. Our core assets consist of a digital project collaboration platform for maturity assurance within the supply chain and a digital assistant for carrying out standardized audits.

Founding Visionaries

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Technologies in use

Why choosing us is a good pick: Not only do we provide know how about well established programming languages, we also constantly upgrade our toolstack by looking out for new and upcoming technologies that appear to be more effective and efficient in the context of modern software development. If you're keen to know more about our approach to integrated innovation check out our insights section.

Start Innovating!

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User Centered Design

We see user centricity as a key enabler for more innovative results across the entire dev cycle. To better understand how user-centered design methods (e.g. Design Thinking) can be integrated within agile development feel free to download our method integration model (MIM-Framework).

Download our MIM-Framework

Applicability of Blockchain

Have you ever wondered about whether blockchain is the right technology to use? Some say, it's just a complicated way of storing data, others say, it's a technology providing many opportunities. By applying our blockchain adoption toolkit you can figure out yourself whether your use case may be realized by using blockchain technology.

Download our Blockchain Adoption Toolkit

Machine Learning Mechanisms

Machine learning (ML) has been the top notch topic to be discussed recently. By experimenting with technologies like apache hadoop and spark we're currently trying to gain a better understanding for the usage within business context. Looking at trending topics like predictive maintenance and others we cleary see the leverage of using ML technologies.

Integrated Innovation

The development of our own software products like QGate and the Audit Assistant makes it possible to test out new, innovative and upcoming technologies. In repeatedly doing so, our team has established a way of continiously integrating the new and the trending. In general this helps us to stay on top thus enabling us to ensure an innovation integrated approach in the context of customer projects.

Our goal? Delivering cutting edge solutions that fit your individual needs.

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