Our Meta Process & How We Work

We follow a holistic approach that allows to deliver solutions that fit clients needs: Whether it's a web or desktop application, app or website.
Within our development services we focus on understanding clients needs, concept work, developing the best possible solution, testing and launching the result in a secure environment. While there is a broad set of methods out there, we have closley aligned our work with a set of best practice methods that have been proven to both be effective and efficient.
Focusing on the last three steps of our meta process, our approach first includes an assessment to determine projects maturity. We then set up a strategy that is suitable to the individual circumstances of each customer. This includes choosing the right technologies as well as a fitting development process itself. After having tested and validated the outcome the result is beeing launched.
[An exemplifying overview of our tech-stack and projects is given below]

Projects we have worked on

Development, operation and support of a Supplier Acadamey for an Automotive OEM

Client: Automotive OEM

What we did:
  • Requirements analysis to understand clients needs and align expectations
  • Generation of user stories by analysing the requirements
  • Implementation of user stories through an agile process taking into account the given CI
  • Management of the first release and go live
  • Continuous operation and support of the solution
Result / Technologies we used:
  • Fully operating Frontend / HTML5, CSS3, Django, Python, PostgreSQL

Development of an Enterprise Resource Planning System focusing on Order Management

Client: Largest Expert Office in Northern Germany

What we did:
  • Evaluation of projects maturity to determine a development process and manage clients expectations
  • Determination of an MVP-Scope following lean principles
  • Implementation of all relevant features regarding the MVP
  • Continuous enhancement of the feature scope and development via agile methodology
  • Step-by-step integration of close linked services for a better whole
Result / Technologies we used:
  • Fully operating Web-App / Vaadin, Java, Maven, SQLite

Development, operation and support of a complex Backend System for the Management of Trainings

Client: VDA licensing Consulting & Trainings Company

What we did:
  • Requirements analysis and conceptualisation of a robust software architecture
  • Realisation of each feature in close correspondence with the client
  • Finalisation by delivering a result perfectly matching clients expectations
  • Management of an international release and go live
  • Continous operation and support after finalisation
Result / Technologies we used:
  • Fully operating Backend / Django, Python, PostgreSQL, Sentry, Gunicorn